Did you know this about Utility Detection?

Working with a professional civil engineering firm, like UDS Civils, has many benefits for properties. Extending beyond your own property, Utility Detection services and preventative services like, Water Loss Management and Water Leak Detection can have significant impacts and benefits to the entire community. When it comes to your organization’s reputation and perception in the community, every community driven effort you make counts.

Benefits of Utility Detection

Did you know that an underground utility line is damaged every 8 minutes? Without taking the time to have a professional utility detection service before digging into the ground, you risk harming yourself, your property, your team, and your community. A professional utility detection team, like UDS Civils, will ensure that you know where pipes, manholes, electrical wires, gas, sewer, telephone, cable lines, and more are located.

With this information, your organization is able to confidently break ground, knowing that it will not cause a community wide power outage or water main break. The risks of not using a utility detection service include the cost of the community impacts, such as families without access to electricity or other area businesses without proper internet and phone communication. The small investment into a utility detection service can help maintain your reputation as a positive contributor to the community.

Benefits of Water Loss Management and Water Leak Detection

Like utility detection, water loss management and water leak detection can have a significant impact beyond your organization and your property itself. Both water loss management and water leak detection are key to conserving the valuable resource of water. When organizations do not manage water loss or stop leaks early, lots of precious water is wasted, water that could have been used for drinking or bathing by families in the community.

Hiring experts in water loss management and water leak detection, like UDS Civils, will ensure that the damages of leaks or water loss will be kept to a minimum. This can prevent larger issues like pipes completely bursting or properties flooding. Pipe breaks and flooding also impact the community by making it difficult to access clean water or damaging others’ properties and livelihoods.

Community Implications

Taking the proper steps to maintain your property is part of your role, not only in managing your organization, but also as a positive contributor to your community. The members of your community value their home and the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. Continue promoting the value of your organization and property to the community by being responsible in hiring a professional utility detection team and managing water loss and leaks. With this proactive responsibility, you will reduce the risk of negatively harming your property and the community, which could be very costly both financially and to your organization’s reputation.

Think ahead and employ professional civil engineering services to protect your organization and your community.

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