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UDS Civils is a specialised civil engineering contractor providing expert solutions to your technical challenges. When looking for comprehensive and reliable non-invasive utility detection and mapping services, UDS Civils is the market leader across Africa. We are experienced and committed.


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The UDS Civils’ head office is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing civil engineering services all across the African continent. Our strict attention to detail and quality assurance, in the surveying and utility detection sectors, set us apart from our competitors. Our professional and qualified team is here to assure that all aspects of engineering such as the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and structures, as well as foreseeable faults can be dealt with efficiently. On average, our construction division has roughly 15 projects running concurrently, meaning we are adaptable and flexible, no matter what the job specifications are. We are proud to do regular business with government organisations and other large enterprises including industry giants such as Eskom and Telkom.

We are multifaceted, offering all of the following specialized services: land/topographical survey, geotechnical investigations, underground utility detection, utility mapping, 3D scanning, 3D modelling, CCTV pipeline inspection, water management and water leak detection.  Our goal is to ensure safe excavation and efficient construction in accordance with regulations.

Our expert team is friendly and accessible. We look forward to hearing from you and aiding you in the success of your next project.

Providing you with the best in utility detection utility mapping is a division of UDS Civils. We consider our services to be the only approach to underground utility detection and mapping. UDS Civils bridges the gap between excavators, utility companies, engineering firms, consultants and the general public. Our services of utility detection are ideal for clients who need to undertake excavation works on sites where a record is required for future reference or as part of the pre-construction feasibility and design works.

UDS Civils provides you with the very best in utility detection, all of which are permanently recorded by our qualified land surveyors. Methods such as total station and GPS surveying are just some of the methods used to record data concerning utilities which are then clearly marked on the surface of the ground.

The data that is provided includes details such as inspection chambers, telegraph poles, Telkom lines and more. Features such as building and fence lines are included in the final documentation regarding utility detection.

UDS Civils clients receive survey drawings of all the detected utilities, all colour coded and highlighting the top topographical features.

We guarantee rapid verification of data prior to leaving project sites and uncovering potential issues from our innovative off-site office. As our commitment to you, UDS Civils only employs highly trained staff and teams who make use of custom-built vehicles equipped with the latest detection and surveying technology.

Utility Detection

At UDS Civils we provide you with a comprehensive list of utility detection services. We specialise in Low Voltage (LV) fault finding and High Voltage (HV) fault finding using Ground Penetrating Radar [GPR].  We practise safe, non-evasive, non-excavative methods, protecting both the environment and utility, saving you time and money in the long term.  As a client you will be happy to know that detailed survey drawings will be made available to you, highlighting both the detected utilities and top topographic features.

Land Survey

Here at UDS Civils we make use of cutting-edge intelligent 3D modelling and scanning technology.  Scanning highlights both boundaries of ownership and land used for governmental purposes. Our full scope of land survey services include repairs, testing of repaired cables and restoration of excavation sites.  Lastly, a detailed drawing will be provided to you.

Geothechnical Investigation

Rely on UDS Civils to keep your people and equipment safe via our in-depth geotechnical investigations.  We take pride in carrying out in-depth analysis of the soil composition, its strength, water content and possible contamination. These results help to determine ways in which possible incidents can be prevented and buildings can be built to last.

3D Scanning

Precise data, scope and measurements will now be readily made available to you as UDS Civils makes use of the latest laser scanning technology.  If you are looking for 3D computer models, building scans, survey documents or the creation of 2D architectural and civil drawings look no further than UDS Civils.

Leak Detection and Water Loss Management

With water being such a valuable resource, let us help you save time and money when it comes to performing water-leak detections, to both small and large scale pipelines.  UDS Civils will save you money by conducting these inspections without any excavation, alerting you to both joint and pipe faults. Using the latest leak detection technology, any current and foreseeable problems can be quickly and efficiently dealt with.


CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Looking for a cost-effective way to determine the cause and extent of damaged or blocked pipelines or any other enclosed structures? CCTV surveys and CCTV camera footage are efficient and effective ways in determining internal pipeline damage. UDS Civils has the experience and incredible technology to assist you.  We inspect the pipes from inside, providing you with clear High Definition video footage to gauge the structural integrity of these networks,  as well as determining the cause and extent of any blockages that may be present.

Drone Surveying

Utilising the most accurate and efficient technology on the market, UDS Civils offers Drone Surveying services to reveal data and information about properties that can be used for planning and completing various projects. Drone Surveying is a great alternative to other surveying methods for difficult-to-access locations or areas with rough terrain. Learn more about how our experienced team of engineers can use Drone Surveying to provide insight to your property.


Investigations, detections, questions? Talk to one of our professional surveyors…


Cable Fault finding
CCTV pipeline inspection
Fault Locating
Geotechnical investigations
Ground penetrating radar (GOR Survey)
High Voltage (HV) Fault Finding

Land survey services
Water leak detection
Low Voltage (LV) detection
Non-invasive utility scans
Pipeline locator
3D laser scan

3d building scan
3D Model Building
Soil Sampling and Soil quality
Subsurface scan and detection
Topographical Survey
Underground Utility Detection

Underground Utility Detection 
Underground survey
Utility detection (Telkom lines and Neotel lines)
Utility survey                                   
3D printing


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