Hiring a professional for Utility Detection services gives you more than just information you need to complete your project, it saves money, lives, and time. The small investment you make into professional Utility Detection services is an investment into protecting your property and projects. Understanding more about what you receive when you invest in Utility Detection services will help you make an informed, smart decision.

Why it is important

Utility Detection services are an investment in a peace of mind, knowing that your project will not face any foreseeable delays or encounter dangerous situations. When utilities are not properly detected, your team could be injured or worse yet, killed when working on a project. If the accident is preventable, it is your duty to ensure your team is equipped to achieve positive outcomes.

Not only are lives on the line, but your investment and time are at stake. If you run into an unexpected utility underground, your project may be delayed and you may have to invest more money to create new plans or add-ons to the originally scheduled work. Keep your projects on schedule and within budget by planning ahead and detecting underground utilities before breaking ground.

With a broader focus, you will see that the impacts of hiring a professional utility detection team extend beyond your own team and projects. Damaging underground utilities could cut access to water or electricity for an entire community, leaving families and children without clean drinking water and power to keep their homes safe.

What you get

When you work with UDS Civils for Utility Detection services, you get everything you need to know that your project will be completed on-time, safely, and within your budget. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment needed to investigate underground utilities accurately and efficiently.

You receive insight on inspection chambers, telegraph poles, Telkom lines, and more. This data is not only clearly marked on your property, but can be kept as record for you to use in the future.

How it works

The process for our Utility Detection services are simple and fast. We send our trained, professional team to your property with the equipment they need. Our team uses total station and GPS surveying, among many other tools to record the data and clearly mark the utilities on the ground.

We use rapid verification of the data before leaving the site to ensure that all of the information we provide you is correct and current. Our on-site team works in conjunction with our off-site office to uncover potential issues. At the end, you not only receive markings on your property, but you also receive the data to keep for future projects and confidence knowing that your projects will be executed flawlessly.

Work with UDS Civils for a professional Utility Detection team that will deliver the information you need to complete your projects in a timely, cost-effective, and safe manner.

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