The 3 Most Overlooked Ways To Prevent Unexpected Costs

While it may seem that we are in the business of civil engineering… The truth is, we are in the business of saving property owners and managers money. UDS Civils works with businesses across every industry to analyze various facets of their current property and structures to identify weaknesses and faults.  While land surveying and leak detection are commonly utilized, there are a few ways that many are overlooking that could prevent or reduce costs in the future.

An Overhead View Of Hard To Reach Places

Not all properties are accessible by foot. Drone Surveying is the most accurate and precise way to gather vital information about a property — particularly properties with difficult to access areas or large land masses that need to be surveyed quickly. Drone Surveying gives property managers insight that ensure projects are completed the right way the first time. This keeps costs low and projects on schedule.

 An In-Depth Look Within The Walls

It is common to wait to see physical signs of decay in concrete structures before taking action to repair them; however, this is a dangerous and costly approach. In fact, many times there will be little to no signs of decay prior to a structure’s collapse. A Concrete Survey is the only way to gain data about the soundness of a concrete structure and can prevent costly repairs down the road. 

A Test Of Structure In High-Traffic Areas

Railways are designed to withstand lots of pressure, weight, and movement. Despite their sound design, even the best rail-tracks can have service interruptions or worse, long-term down time as a result of poor maintenance. A GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey is the best way to analyze the conditions of a rail-track and determine when and where repairs are needed.

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