5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Complete a GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey

With the many demands of your current role it can be easy to overlook assessments and services that demand your current attention. Some Railway Infrastructure owners overlook the value of a GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey but putting this important service off can be costly in the long run. Learn the 5 reasons why you should not wait to complete a GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey:

1. Plan Ahead

A GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey is not optional, it is something every Railway Infrastructure owner must undergo. By completing the survey sooner rather than later, decision-makers are given the time to assess the situation and make gradual changes. The alternative to this is assessing the situation too late and requiring immediate, costly, and inconvenient action.

2. Improve Safety

This is the number one risk of waiting to complete a GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey. You do not want to risk the safety of one of your workers or bystanders by lacking insight of the condition of the railway. 

3. Reduce Long-Term Costs

When faults or track settlements go undetected, the cost of repairs can increase significantly. Additionally, needing to slow or terminate services for the duration of the repairs can be costly and prevent many unnecessary delays. A comprehensive analysis of the current condition of the railway will prevent high costs of repairs and service interruptions.

4. Improve Efficiency

The settlements that are detected with GPR surveying can impact performance and reduce the efficiency of services. Early detection and preventative measures are vital to maintaining the continued efficiency of service.

4. Optimise Performance

Ensure the performance of the railway is optimised to maximise the load capacity and avoid compromising the integrity of performance. A comprehensive GPR Ballast Evaluation Survey can detect faults in the structure and determine current load capabilities, giving decision-makers the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

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