3 Ways Geotechnical Investigations Reduce Risks

When it comes to your business, it is important to find ways to reduce risks wherever possible. Reducing risks means protecting the livelihood of your business. It protects your business continuity and minimizes unexpected and unwanted surprises.

When you think of risk management in your business, it is easy to first consider managing risks within your business operations. Start protecting your investments and assets outside of operations. UDS Civils helps brands foresee problems and reduce risks with geotechnical investigation services. There are several different ways hiring a professional to conduct a geotechnical investigation will help you reduce risks, here are just a few:

Accounts for Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes — when a natural disaster strikes, you will feel confident in your property with a comprehensive geotechnical investigation. These natural disasters are often completely unexpected. Even with a warning, it is rarely enough time to protect your property and your assets.


Start thinking ahead when it comes to protecting your property and its value. Geotechnical investigations consider soil strength, composition, water content, and more. UDS Civils uses this information to determine the optimal size and location of the structure you can build on your property. After hiring a professional to complete a geotechnical investigation, you will be certain that if natural disaster strikes, your property is equipped to the best of your ability.

Prevents Foundation Cracks

An increase in water or the opposite, a drought can change the composition of the soil in the ground. Similarly, change in humidity can also affect soil composition. Poor drainage or construction are also contributors to changes in the ground beneath your structures. All of these factors can cause cracks in your foundation.

It is important to understand the properties of the ground you are building on before you break ground. A proper geotechnical investigation provides the insight you need to build a structure that is able to withstand various changes. UDS Civils geotechnical investigations are comprehensive, investigating all aspects of the soil. With this insight, you will know the best methods of construction to create a structure that lasts.

Protect Your Investment

Reducing risks starts with protecting your investment. UDS Civils believes in the safety of your property and all of the people who will be using the property. A geotechnical investigation is a simple way to protect your investment with knowledge of the ground that will guide your decisions in the future.

Imagine buying an expensive car without taking a look inside. This analogy perfectly describes what it would be like to break ground on a property without ever completing a geotechnical investigation.


Work with UDS Civils for the comprehensive geotechnical investigation you need to manage your business risks by considering natural disasters, preventing foundation cracks, and protecting your investment.

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