Pipe breakage, tree root growth, or natural disasters — water loss can occur when you least expect it. It is important to understand the impacts of water loss so that you can be prepared to prevent foreseeable problems before they occur and stop emergency water loss situations quickly and easily. Water loss is especially important to be aware of as a property owner. Three major problems that can result from water loss are the environmental impacts, health impacts, and infrastructure damages.

Environmental Impacts

With the South African water crisis, water is more precious to the environment than ever before. The environment means more than simply plants and animals, the environment means all of the people, communities, and businesses that exist and could be affected by a water loss situation. One of the most basic, yet devastating impacts of water loss is simply the water wasted. This is water that could otherwise be used for plumbing, drinking, or bathing.

Another environmental impact of water loss is on your carbon footprint. Water management itself uses a lot of energy. Adding in managing water loss on top of regular water management increases your energy usage, adding to your carbon footprint contribution. It’s simple, when possible, preventing water loss before it occurs reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to a better, cleaner world.

Health Impacts

Depending on where the water loss occurs, the health impacts will vary. Overall, water loss is never a good contribution to the health of a community and individuals within a community. First, water loss means a reduction in the available clean water. This water could be used for showers, food, and hydration for the local population. Water loss also negatively affects health because it opens up for potential bacteria and contamination of water. Contaminated water can be difficult to handle and can take a long time to remove safely. Reduce the likelihood of bringing negative health impacts to your property and the surrounding community by using leak detection technology to foresee and stop water loss.

Infrastructure Damage

As a property owner, one of the most important considerations of water loss is the potential damage it could have on your property and any infrastructure on your property. Though a leak may seem small or insignificant, it can eventually become a larger issue. A water leak that continues to grow could lead to flooding, building destruction, and costly repairs long-term. Preventing and managing water loss is essential for every property owner to maintain the life of a property and prevent costly damages.


Water loss can be very impactful. As described above, it affects the environment, health, and infrastructure. The longer you wait, the more damages and costs you will face. UDS Civils has a team of trained Civil Engineers who are equipped to handle water loss situations and even prevent them. Our Leak Detection service and Water Loss Management services assist property owners with detecting and fixing leaks before any issues arise.

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