Not all utility detection teams are created equal. Do the research to ensure the utility detection team you are working with is the right fit for the project you are working on. It can be challenging to navigate the technical field of utility detection, but this guide is designed to give you the cues you need to identify and select the right utility detection team for your projects.


The first step is to ensure that the utility detection team you are working with has all of the knowledge and qualifications required. Any reputable company will be willing to disclose the qualifications of their team members, so that you can be confident you are working with a team that will be able to execute the job safely and efficiently.


Next, you will want to explore their experience. Have they worked on projects of your size and scale? What types of projects does the utility detection team typically take on? At UDS Civils, for example, our team has experience working with projects of all types and sizes and can confidently take on utility detection projects of any scale.


Even the best and brightest teams will still struggle without the right equipment. Ensure the utility detection team you are working with has the latest detection and surveying technology required to deliver efficient and precise results.

Think ahead and employ professional civil engineering services to protect your organization and your community.


UDS Civils takes an approach that guarantees the best results by verifying data prior to leaving the project site and uncovering potential issues by working with our off-site office in real time. Find an utility detection team that has an approach that minimizes mistakes and ensures a job well done.

UDS Civils is South Africa’s leading solutions-based civil engineering firm offering services ranging from Water Leak Detection, Land Surveying, and Utility Detection to Geotechnical Investigations, 3D Scanning, and CCTV Pipeline Inspections.


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