Without the proper attention, an undetected leak can cause more damage than it seems. A leak may start as a few spare drops of water, but with time, can grow into a larger issue. Discover the negative outcomes that can result from an undetected leak and avoid these outcomes by being proactive in caring for your property.

Pipe Damages

A small leak often means there are issues with the structure of the pipes. When detected early, the pipes can often be repaired or replaced with minimal disruption. If undetected, pipes can break or burst, causing greater damages and excavations required for repair. With the latest technology and skilled team, UDS Civils makes leak detection less invasive than ever before. There is no risk involved in leak detection, but you will reap the benefits of preventing a leak before it grows or avoiding long-term damages.

Expensive Bills

Undetected leaks can be costly. The first cost is the water bill. A leak that goes undetected for an extended period of time is likely to grow with time and cause higher monthly charges for water usage. Secondly, when damages result from undetected leaks, they can be quite costly to repair. Invest in preventative measures, like leak detection services, to avoid disastrous and costly situations down the road.

Property Damage

Finally, an undetected leak can damage your property in many ways. The specific outcomes vary depending on the size and location of the leak, but damages can range from flooding to warped floors and walls to mold. The longer the leak goes undetected, the greater the impacts can be. Detect leaks before they cause any damages for the greatest outcome.

UDS Civils is South Africa’s leading solutions-based civil engineering firm offering services ranging from Water Leak Detection, Land Surveying, and Utility Detection to Geotechnical Investigations, 3D Scanning, and CCTV Pipeline Inspections.

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