Traditional Land Surveying vs. Drone Surveying: The Key Differences

Finding the right service for your needs can be a challenge. Today, we are covering the key differences between traditional land surveying and drone surveying. Landowners, project managers, and construction teams can all benefit from understanding the primary distinctions of each and using the data in future decisions about a property.

The Correlation Between Data and Accuracy

One of the most important differences between traditional land surveying and drone surveying is the number of data points. Drone surveying has the added benefit of collecting more data about a property, which can help ensure the final results are more accurate; however, UDS Civils employs a variety of tools and technologies which make both traditional land surveying and drone surveying viable options for a comprehensive analysis of underground objects.


When choosing between traditional land surveying and drone surveying, a key consideration is the area that will be surveyed. For land that is difficult to reach or inaccessible, drone surveying provides more flexibility and comprehensive coverage. For open, easily accessible land, traditional land surveying is often the ideal choice.

Traceable Data

With detailed and precise imaging, drone surveying makes a great option for those who want to continue to reference the images for years to come. To calculate the final results, UDS Civils uses the images to verify that all of the data is complete and accurate. With land surveying, UDS Civils also verifies the data using live, on-site communications to our main office to ensure the information is finalized.


Due to the efficiency of drone surveying, the services can be surprisingly cost-effective. The differences in equipment, experience, and services vary from company to company, so be sure to verify the costs with the individual team. With the state-of-the-art drone surveying equipment used by UDS Civils, underground surveying is becoming increasingly efficient, passing on the time and cost benefits directly to our clients.


Hazardous objects, bulky equipment, and inaccessible locations can make land surveying services more invasive and dangerous. Though our team is thoroughly knowledgeable and trained to maneuver through challenging situations, it is always optimal to use equipment that reduces the disruption to a property and enhances the safety of individuals on the property and nearby. Since drone surveying utilizes one, simple device with increased maneuverability, the safety of the surveying services are maximized. 

Speed of Delivering Results

The speed of results delivery when comparing land surveying to drone surveying varies based on the team and equipment utilized. There are pros and cons of each tool and it is important to discuss the turnaround time on a project with the individual land surveying company you are working with. At UDS Civils, the turnaround time on a land surveying project is dependent on the size of the project, as well as the difficulty.


To decide whether land surveying or drone surveying is right for your project, contact UDS Civils. Our team will help you identify the right tools for the job.

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