5 Common Construction Problems You Can Prevent

When it comes to construction, there are many problems that are foreseeable and preventable with the right knowledge and guidance. Understand some of the most common construction problems, so you can connect with the right resources to ensure your company can avoid the most prevalent challenges in construction.

The Structure is Too Large or Heavy

Often, the ground that the structure is being built on is overlooked when beginning construction. Even if the surface layer is investigated, there may be more to know than at first glance. Understanding the details of the ground where the construction is taking place is vital to determining the right size of the structure and the right building materials to use. Without this information, many construction companies will construct a building that cannot be supported by the ground it is on in the long-term. A Geo-Technical investigation is the best way to understand the ground you are breaking ground on and determine the optimal structure size and weight for the area.

The Ground is Too Unstable

The best way ensure your structure will be unaffected throughout years of continuous use is by preparing for the worst, most unexpected situations. Many times, people forget to consider natural disasters when building new structures. With a Geo-Technical investigation, engineers can determine how a natural disaster would impact the proposed structure and you can account for earthquakes or other disasters before beginning construction.

There Are Hidden Obstructions

Without utility detection services, it is nearly impossible to determine if there are hidden obstructions that would impact the construction of a structure on a particular site. Utility detection is a simple, yet easy way to know if there are any utilities or Telkom Lines where you plan on breaking ground. Prevent costly mistakes down the road by taking the time and investing in utility detection before constructing your new structure.

A Broken or Cracked Pipe

Dealing with the challenges of a broken or cracked pipe are costly and time-consuming. A broken pipe can require invasive repairs, that could halt use of the facilities during repair and impact business continuity. Most broken or cracked pipes are easily preventable by identifying and repairing small leaks immediately. Leak detection services are the best way to detect a leak before it grows into a greater problem. Working with a company, like UDS Civils, that uses a non-invasive leak detection method will reduce costs and down time for your facilities.

Pipeline Blockages

Like a leak, a pipeline blockage is a small issue that when undetected can require major excavations that are extremely costly and time consuming. By working with the right team to conduct a pipeline investigation and detecting the issue early on, you can reduce the impact of a pipeline blockage. Act immediately upon suspicion to work with a skilled team of experts to prevent this common challenge property owners across the continent are facing.


With all of these common construction challenges, the problems are often foreseeable and preventable, but fast action and expertise is required. Consider working with UDS Civils to prevent costly problems on your property.


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