Because Civil Engineering is a highly technical and specific industry, there are often myths about our work. CCTV pipeline inspections are a key part of Civil Engineering and part of guaranteeing sound infrastructure. Tackling these rumors are important because CCTV pipeline inspections reduce risk and increase safety. Three rumours that are often brought up include the ideas that inspections only need to be completed in emergency situations, that anyone can complete an inspection, and that inspections are not effective. Let’s take a look.

UDS Civils is one of the few companies that are developing cutting-edge CCTV Pipeline Inspection technologies.

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Inspections are for Emergencies Only

CCTV pipeline inspections are absolutely not for emergencies only. We recommend that pipeline inspections are completed on a regular basis to foresee potential issues or stop problems before they happen.

Pipeline problems that can occur include collapse, blockages, and tree root growth.

The consequences of waiting until an emergency occurs to inspect a pipeline can be drastic. By completing regular inspections, you can see small cracks or tree root growth that could lead to bigger problems in the future.

With this knowledge, you can then consider solutions to tackle the issue. If you want until an emergency occurs, the consequences include shutting down your business or organization until the pipes are repaired or having to replace the pipes entirely, if they become unusable. Both of these options are time consuming and much more costly than completing regular CCTV pipeline inspections.

Anyone can do an inspection …
To complete and analyze a pipeline inspection, it requires a team equipped with knowledge and expertise. First, controlling the CCTV robots requires lots of training and operational experience. An experienced professional knows how to drive the robot and where to look for potential issues. Second, viewing and analyzing the CCTV recordings requires an expert who knows what to look for. At times there will be obvious things, but when completing preventative pipeline inspections, it takes an industry expert to be able to spot the signs of future issues. Finally, the equipment required to complete a pipeline inspection is not something available to everyone. For example, here at UDS Civils, we invest in top-of-the-line equipment to deliver premium results to each of our clients.

Pipeline Inspections Are Not Effective
The truth about pipeline inspections is that with regular inspections, you should not expect to find a potential problem every single time. Because this is true, people often choose not to complete pipeline inspections on a regular basis. Regular inspections on pipelines are similar to how you may complete an annual check-up with our doctor. You may feel perfectly fine and healthy, but checking in with an industry professional ensures that even an expert can confirm your health. Even with positive results each time, the one time a pipeline inspection is able to catch a problem before it occurs makes all of the prior inspections worthwhile.

Before negating the value of a CCTV pipeline inspection, remember that inspections should be completed on a regular basis, they require a team of trained and experienced individuals, and they are effective, even when reporting positively.

UDS Civils is a professional company that employs cutting-edge technology and the most skilled people in the industry. You can depend on us for all your subsurface scanning requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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