Surveying and understanding the nature of existing utilities that is present in the land is incredibly important for construction. Land Surveying divulges all the intricate little details of an area such as important ground levels, existing building lines, and any subsurface construction that is present. Utility Detection, also known as subsurface scanning, underground detection, and 3D or GPR scanning, provides a detailed breakdown and status of all subsurface utility structures.

UDS Civils is a professional company that employs cutting-edge technology to comprehensively assess the characteristics of any landscape surface as well as subsurface, with nearly complete accuracy.

Any construction requires a great deal of underground work and therefore Utility Detection is ever so crucial. Land Surveying provides you with all information about the above ground and Utility Detection provides you all the relevant details of any subsurface features.

Think of them as two sides of the same coin. UDS Civils specializes in both these services.

The Importance of Land Surveying

  • It provides a detailed topographical map which shows the hills, rivers, villages, towns, forests, etc
  • Assists in preparing a cadastral map showing the boundaries of houses and other properties
  • It helps to prepare an engineering map which shows the details such as roads, railways, existing buildings etc
  • A contour map will determine the capacity of a reservoir and to find the best possible route for roads, railways, etc
  • UDS Civils provides a precise as-built drawing on completion of all new services showing exact location, invert and diameter, depending on utility installed

The importance of a Utility Detection Survey.

  • Assists Engineers with design functionalities when it comes to existing services underground
  • Assists construction companies when it comes to excavations and avoidance of existing services
  • Makes use of non-invasive methods, therefore no excavations needed
  •  When Utility Detection is run concurrently with Land Surveying it saves time and money

Top Tips for Construction Projects

  1. Get access to wayleaves – detailed underground maps of current infrastructure and other services
  2. Use Utility Detection and Land Surveying in the planning phase
  3. Use Eco-friendly and non-invasive methods such as Utility Detection

Have you ever wondered if: 

  • Land surveys are not necessary if you have survey stakes? This is a grossly inaccurate statement that could land you in a world of legal trouble. Just because survey stakes are present, it does not mean that those stakes are accurate or applicable in today’s world.
  • You do not need an updated land survey? The land is always changing, and if no land survey has been conducted on a piece of land in more than 2-3 years, you definitely should get one done. In most regions, you will be legally obligated to do so.

At UDS Civils we have a highly skilled team of professionals providing both of these complimentary services to Civil Engineering and Construction Corporates around Africa.  Contact us today for a consultation and remember SCAN first, then dig.  Safety first, Safety last, Saftey ALWAYS.

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