How To Build A Water Loss Management Strategy using Leak Detection Technologies

Water is lost in a variety of ways on a daily basis across the world. Pipe leaks, tank overflows, dam overflows, and tap leaks are amongst the most common ways in which water is lost. This continued spillage severely affects our limited freshwater resources and it shows us the important role leak detection plays in water conservation. UDS Civils is one of the few companies that is developing cutting-edge leak detection technologies in order to mitigate instances of water loss.

Steps to develop a water loss management strategy

Step 1

    • Know your real and apparent losses. The first step toward water conservation is to know exactly how much water you are losing a specific period of time. In order to know losses, you must have an established method for calculating annual water balance. Losses should also factor in lost revenue and un-metered supplies.

Step 2

    • Calculate annual water balance. By analysing all water outputs and inputs, you will be able to estimate exactly how much water is lost on average. Annual water balances are typically required for reporting purposes, but you cannot manage water loss without clear figures.

Step 3

    • Manage pressure effectively. The pressure in water reticulation systems must be controlled and monitored effectively in order to maximize the life of the assets keeping the water in place. The perfect pressure will also decrease leaks from small cracks and holes.

Step 4

    • Actively fix leaks. Equipment needs to be monitored on a 24/7 basis to ensure that any leaks and outburst are fixed as quickly as possible.

Step 5

    • Capture essential data. You need to have all the relevant scientific data at hand in order to make the most informed choices possible. Log data regularly and integrate the data into conservation solutions.


Tips to manage water loss effectively

The following are five tips you can use to mitigate water loss:

        • Clean pipes, valves, hydrants, and other equipment regularly
        • Implement innovative leakage monitoring systems
        • Ensure that data is transferred and used accurately
        • Carry out routine inspections to prevent theft and illegal consumption
        • Split the network into district metered areas (DMAs) to increase efficiency


Common myths of water loss management

        • Water scarcity is a third-world problem. Common to popular belief, water conservation is as important in the US and Europe as it is in Africa.
        • My water management makes no difference. If everyone thinks this way, all the water loss management planning in the world will not save our water resources.


Secrets about water loss management

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