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Preventing foreseeable problems

One of biggest concerns at UDS Civils is the safety of people and materials, especially when undergoing any form of construction.  Our geotechnical investigations are here to assist you in preventing foreseeable problems and ensuring that standards are met when undertaking a new project starting from the ground up.

Investigations lead us to determine factors such as soil strength, composition, water content and more, all of which can escalate costs and directly hamper any development.

Through these tests UDS Civils is able to establish the size of structure that is safe and viable for the client to build. Elements such as bedrock are factored in as this determines the ability to support the structure during an earthquake.

Investigations such as these have prevented many incidents involving earthquakes, foundation cracks and other catastrophes which lead to damage of equipment and harm to individuals.

Prevent catastrophes, get geotechnical investigations underway

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