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Need Concrete surveying?

A comprehensive Concrete Survey is essential before undergoing any construction projects and demolitions, or to assess the current condition of a concrete structure.

Using the latest technology, UDS Civils delivers detailed imaging and a comprehensive report that outlines the results of the concrete scan and investigation. In addition to surveying and analysis, we offer drilling, strengthening, repair, and rehabilitation of your concrete structures.

Prevent future damages or costly issues with early surveying to identify any areas that could be damaged in the future or are already damaged. Our skilled team is equipped to see what is inside the concrete, including, but not limited to pipes, chimney flues, and tension cables – both conductive and non-conductive objects.

Before beginning a project, the UDS Civils team can help you identify the right places for concrete core drilling. We ensure that the drill is avoiding anything within the concrete, increasing the safety of the project and minimizing risk.

Whether surveying the concrete for cracks, water seepage, and settlement, or sampling the concrete to discover its composition, quality, and strength, the insight you gain from a concrete survey is vital to the safe and seamless completion of your upcoming project.

Mitigate and solve structural problems before it is too late – concrete repair and rehabilitation can extend the life of your concrete structure and reduce the likelihood of costly problems in the future. Concrete strengthening is another great solution that helps to increase the strength and resistance of the structure’s concrete beams and slabs.

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