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Need 2D drawings or 3D scans or models?

We offer you the very best in the creation of 2D civil and architectural drawings, 3D computer models, 3D building scans and survey documents using the latest technology, laser scanning.

UDS Civils can assist you in high and low voltage finding, surveying areas which are difficult to reach and map the progress of construction.

Our state of the art laser scans can tackle measuring complex, hard to reach areas of an environment when needing to determine as-built conditions inside buildings.

The technology we make use of at UDS Civils is able to capture survey data points at a rate of 50,000 points per second making it the best tool for the job. UDS Civils also prints exact 3D models based on the scans making physical visualisation a reality!

Are you seeing in 2D or 3D, let the engineering specialists help!

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